Class Schedule - Currently on TEMPORARY HOLD following Covid

Functionally Fit                                                                        60 minute class   Carrie Hale                     

This class includes a variety of exercises that work on flexibility, core, balance, strength and power.  We work in multiple planes of movement and we use a variety of equipment like medicine balls, stability ball, resistance bands and kettle bells. Any fitness level can give this class a try.  No class is ever the same! 1hr class

Monday & Thursday, 9:15 AM            

Interval Training                                                                       60 minute class   Mark Russo

This class is broken into 3 different parts, with all exercises being performed under a specific timed interval.  Part 1 will focus on strength and coordination, using just a pair of dumbbells and body-weight exercises.  Part 2 is entirely core-based exercises performed on a yoga mat.  Part 3 is an action packed cardio circuit that will challenge your agility and endurance.  Full body stretch to finish up and a guaranteed better mood to go take on the day!  1hr class

Tuesday & Thursday, 7:00 AM

Meta-Circuits                                                                              60 minute class   Krista Dimock

This class is a method of training that is a circuit of structural and compound exercises with little rest in between.  We do this in an effort to maximize calorie burn with minimal muscle wasting to increase your overall metabolic rate during and after your workout.  In other words, let's kick up that metabolism with a fun and functional class using a mix of equipment.  This class is appropriate for all ages and abilities.

Tuesday, 9:30 AM   

Muscle Max (Starts 02/12/2020)                                                 60 minute class   Stefania Bliss

This circuit style class will push your body to the max so that you come back each week feeling stronger, leaner, and closer to your goals.  Class starts with an active group warm up before jumping into a high-energy circuit series designed to build strength, torch calories, and rev up your metabolism.  Each class will have an emphasis on strength training while incorporating anaerobic and functional exercises so you get the most out of your workout.  It's simple - if you don't max out your muscles, then they'll have no reason to get stronger for next time!

Wednesday, 7:15-8:15 AM

Pilates                                                                                          45 minute class   Elaine Millen

Elaine's Pilates is a fun, high energy, total body conditioning class suitable for all age groups.  She will use resistance and cardio techniques to improve your overall strength and endurance.  Elaine uses a variety of modalities such as body free weights, steps and mini-trampolines to keep the body guessing.  You will never be bored with the music and her forever young attitude.

Wednesday, 4:30 PM & 5:45 PM

Practical Yoga                                                                              90 minute class   Shirley Landry

This class will increase your range of motion and mobility, building strength, balance and flexibility by moving in different postures.  While focusing on mindful breathing, stress is reduced and concentration is increased.  Every joint from jaw to toes will be worked on.  This class is suitable for everyone all ages and abilities.

Monday & Friday, 7:00 AM   

Strength, Core & Cardio  (Seasonal)                                           60 minute class   Mark Russo

This is a low impact class that will focus on improving overall strength, balance, coordination, core stability and cardio.  Using a pair of dumbbells and body weight, Mark will take you through a series of circuits designed to burn some serious calories!  Full body stretch routine to finish up and you're all done!            

Tuesday, 9:15 AM